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About us

ATD and Capriccio Continuo…

ATD ( Audio Transducer Design ) was founded in Italy in 1981 with the aim of manufacturing high-end drive units and speaker systems . 
Some of the best High-End brands are using our drive units or having the complete speaker systems made at our premises . 
We have developped a series of bespoke technologies; “Hypergraph K” & “Ariacell Gti cones” , “Transfert 0” crossovers and AST ( Aero Striction Tweeters ).
Capriccio Continuo... was introduced roughly 10 years later ,mainly for our own personal pleasure, to show our “vision” on musical reproduction (and as an application of some of our technologies).

The Capriccio Continuo name comes from the 2 musical terms: Capriccio and Continuo. A Capriccio is a short, fast and enjoyable musical piece; to bring joy through music is the essence of our aim. Continuo means in musical terms “continuous”, a recall of the evolutional and non-obsolescent nature of the designs. The 3 dots at the end are part of the brand (another hint at continuity).Highlights of the CC...(CC... is short for Capriccio Continuo... ) products are the AGTi “fullcones” with their unique sandwich structure and the “Transfert 0” ( elliptical multislope transfer function ) crossovers.
The products are designed to have a good domestic integration, from here our preference for compact dimensions, when possible, and good esthetic looks...